About Hoagland Homes

The HoaglandsOver 22 years ago, with a simple vision and strong entrepreneurial spirit, Cory and Carol Hoagland built their very first home together. A home that would eventually lead to what is today known as Hoagland Homes. Together along with an exceptional team, Cory and Carol can be found working on and in every home Hoagland Homes crafts. Having Cory and Carol working directly with you on your next home is the Hoagland Home difference.

Cory has a passion and commitment for building excellence. Cory initially nurtured this drive by working in framing, where he gained invaluable industry experience and learned the art of meeting customer needs while developing successful projects. While working for other builders, Cory realized the same skills that had led him to success in framing could be applied to building unique and exquisite homes that carry additional details often overlooked by other home builders.

From your first meeting to your final walk through, you will find Cory and Carol as valuable resources on the Hoagland Homes Team.

Quality Home Construction and Craftsmanship

Hoagland Homes has also received numerous accolades from past customers for quality construction and exceptional craftsmanship. Hoagland Homes is synonymous with innovative home design, integrity, and stellar customer service and is quickly garnering a reputation as a premier custom home builder of the Minneapolis, St. Paul and south metro areas.